About The Living History Award

Plimoth Plantation believes in the transformative power of education to change people’s lives for the better. Our work in living history is based on decades of thorough research into the history and lifeways of the Pilgrims and the Native People of the Northeast. This enables us to educate, entertain and engage our audiences through our award-winning programs and exhibits. Through rigorous scholarship and lively experimental archaeology, we curate the remarkable story of the United States’ 17th-century beginnings. In doing so, we are preserving the intangible cultural heritage of our Nation.

Plimoth Plantation’s Living History Award reflects the Museum’s goal of bringing to life universal human experiences through the power of storytelling. The award recognizes outstanding individuals whose contributions to American life and history — whether through their work in education, journalism, philanthropy, public service, art or storytelling — serve to make a positive difference in the world.